Työ! -hanke 1.6.2016-31.5.2019   

JOB! -project 1.6.2016-31.5.2019



The JOB! Project is a response to the current situation in our society, where the employment of immigrants is difficult and the recognition of their skills and experience by employers is problematic.

In the JOB! Project, immigrants can receive

  • support in the job-seeking process
  • help finding job opportunities
  • coaching for job-seeking skills (writing a CV and application, interview skills)
  • help creating a skills inventory for their job search
  • help getting their education /qualifications from abroad recognized in Finland

The JOB! Project organizes job-seeking clubs and gives personalized support for job seekers.


POP UP – Työnhakuklubit alkaa 5.12 – POP UP Job-seeking clubs starts on 5.12

Työnhakuklubi SYKSY 2017 – Job-seeking club AUTUMN 2017

Course on web programming – June 2017

Työnhakuklubi huhtikuussa – Job-seeking club in April 2017

Työnhakuklubit jatkuvat – Job-seeking clubs continues 17.1.2017

Työnhakuklubi alkaa – Job-seeking club starting 15.9.2016

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Phone: +358447577682