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Have you or anyone you know experienced racism in Joensuu? Have you witnessed a situation where somebody has behaved in a racist manner? Would you because of your work like to talk about racism or any case of discrimination which has come to your attention?

Please contact Joensuu area anti-racist task group.

The quickest way to contact Anti-racist task group is to phone Jomoni worker: Henna Middeke +358447577682 or to email:

You can also tell us your story by filling out this form.

Please tell us what happened in as much detail as possible (when, where, who was present, what happened, how you wish to deal with it). Every detail you give us will make it easier to address the situation.


The task group will go through every message it receives. We will think about how to handle the situation, and we will try to resolve it. We will contact you if you give us your contact details. You can also leave us a message without giving your name.

You can write in any language you wish to. We will find a translator who will understand your story.

If a racist crime has come to your attention, please contact the police serviceVictim Support (VS) helps for example the victim, their loved ones and the witnesses to the crime to report a crime. It is worth it to tell the police, even if you do not know who the perpetrator is or if you do not believe that the perpetrator will be caught. All pieces of information will help the police to get the overview of the situation and improve monitoring and prevention.

If there is a threat to somebody’s help or safety, please call immediately the general emergency number 112.

It is not always clear, if somebody is acting in a racist manner, or you may not wish for one reason or another to contact the police. Maybe you only want to tell somebody about the issue or you do not wish to disclose your name. In that case please contact Joensuu area anti-racist task group.