Choosing your own way to start a day in Finland

Choosing your own way to start a day in Finland


The world is the same, only the feeling of people changes the way we look at the world. Every day getting up, looking at myself in the mirror, I believe that it will be a new journey of my life.


My first morning in Finland is September 4th, in the long-haul Finnair flight from Vietnam. I was waiting for that day for a year to see the new land, my dream country when I was in high school. Nothing is easy at first, after seeing the beautiful sunshine via plane windows, I got lost in Helsinki Airport when going to take the local flight to Joensuu. That is the first serious problem for me. I was afraid among long lines, strange faces, gate numbers and noisy sounds at the airport. “Finland, please treat me well”, I hoped. Finally, I came to Joensuu safely thanks to very kind supports from staff there.


I came to the hostel at 5.30 PM and my roommate invited me to the party in Ilona, a nightclub in Joensuu. The party started at 9 PM, we went out at 7 PM, brought beer in the supermarket. I chose a bottle of water for myself. It is reasonable for the first night club party of a young girl, however, it is so funny when I look back to that day. I came back to the hostel earlier than others, at midnight but could not sleep until 3.30 AM. That was an autumn day and I thought getting a lot of sunshine and vitamin D led me could not sleep earlier. After all, my first 18 year-old day without the control of parent was incredible interesting.


One week after that, I slowly adapted with new life. With the Finn family, I enjoy Finland life easily. Together we cook traditional foods, go to forest to take trees for decorating Christmas or simply play badminton on the weekends. I see Finland as my second home since I have familiar with forests, roads, snows and Finnish. It is so wonderful when I try to learn Finnish, make friends with other students, help others like the way Finns help me and listen more. Reading book and spending time on thousands of bookshelves in library are my new hobbies. I realize myself do something that I never try and become more Finn gradually.


Regardless the interest about the world at the first, I realize that life is not pink at all. After a few months, I have to learn how to get over sadness and loneliness. Being alone at nights with four empty walls, dozens of weird questions appear in my mind. I ask myself what I am looking for, what the mission of my life is, why I am here, how I get a job and so on. I am afraid a lot and accept the truth that my Turkish friend will come back to his country after two semesters. This time, he becomes a special part of my life even we have been friends just for two months. I nearly cry when suddenly miss my young brother’s cheeks. Far away from home country eleven thousand kilometer, I feel alone more than ever. Rarely can we appreciate the value of happiness until we experience the cruelty of sadness.


One time, Maik, one new friend, saw me staring at stars silently in the backyard. He sat down beside me, talked a lot and tried to make me feel better. Suddenly he asked about the reason why I decided to be a degree student and stay here for four years but not other country. I told him that studying Finland was my big dream. He asked me a question that never can I forget “So now you are living in your dream? ”. I smiled gratefully at him, looked at the stars twinkling in the sky.


I still remember two months ago when I woke up at 6.30 AM and started some first days in Finland with fresh air in the yard. Few week ago, dancing sunshine outside the bus windows woke me up to have a funny day traveling Helsinki. After talking with my close friend until 4 AM, I woke up at 12 AM today, had lunch and went to the library until 7 PM, working hard for missing lessons of the past responsibly. Now I am at home alone, look back to my two months in Finland and fist time think about it. I remind myself positively should go to bed early today, prepare for a new energetic morning. Since we understand that only we have the right to decide how our days will be, I am sure you will give the world your best smile tomorrow.


Life always treats us well. No day is full of happiness but I am trying to find out simple happiness on the worst day. Finland teaches me how to think freely, smile more, give the world love and start morning in a perfect mood. Being free in Finland, I love myself more and feel comfortable to live in my own way. No other one is responsible for your decision so be smart before deciding the way you start a day.


By Linh Truong –

Studying International Business student in Karelia University of Applied Science

Linhin Kuva